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Elegant girl in a flower dress. Lady with horse

Top 5 good reasons to try horseback riding

Elegant girl in a long white dress. Lady with horse

Top 5 good reasons to try horseback riding

Horses are charming animals, they have all what we desire: pure strength, elegant moves, and noble spirit. But sometime even if we are fashinated by them, we are afraid to try, and in a certain sense is also right. To make things clear horses are normally peaceful animals, but it is not unlikely that accident may happen. Luckily accidents are very rare, and the X-factor is 99% of time human fault. So if you are approcing horse world for the first time, make sure to begin with professional equestrians and not horse mercenaries. So in this article, we tell you our 5 good reason to try horseback riding .

“There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man” – Sir Winston Churchill

1. Trust

  The first time I rode a horse it was in Jordan. Before that, I thought this activity was for old people. As a traveler, I was offered to climb a mountain on horseback, and the idea immediately moved me. The path was mostly smooth until we reached some very risky mountain passes, to the point you decide either get off the saddle and walk as my fellow adventurers did, or you decide to take the risk and trust the horse. At that moment I thought: Antonio you have to trust the horse, if he fall, we fall together, just trust him, and so I decided for the second option. Every step was so emotional, the feeling of giving unconditional trust to my equine friend, risking our lives, moved me so strongly that when I returned I decided to promote horseback riding as real life lessons.

2. Stress relief

  Exploring woods and hills on horseback is as relaxing as it gets. Your mind automatically relaxes, clean all your thoughts and becomes much lighter. Then you start to breathe the fresh country side air and feel as one with your horse as you travel through the vesuvian paths. You start to notice small details like flowers, vegetation, birds singing, crickets, butterflies, and mush more. Sharon Ralls Lemon said “The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.” That’s exactly the point, we get free from our thoughts and It is when our mind really rests.

3. Adventurous

  Are you feeling down? Saddling up! Horseback riding is also very compelling, you are all the time outdoor and start to appriciate the art work of Mather Nature. It is thrilling when you gallop across an open field or through the path full of vegetation. So much laugh when you forget to not get distracted and let your horse stop to eat plants. But also a constant discovery, you will travel through different kind of tree, vineyard, volcanic rocks, streams and panoramic view point. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone they say! so lets get out of your comfort zone and have great time. Don’t worry, our horses are calm and carefull, we are safety conscious and know what we are doing.

4. Fitness

  You may not believe it, but horseback riding is a physical activity. Many people believe that the horse does the whole work, but it is wrong. When we go horseback riding, our bodies moves together with our equine friend, and after an hour of riding we feel immediately the pain muscle. Without even notice, we train mostly our bums and back muscles. You also Learn skills that increase coordination, timing, rhythm, balance, strength and much more.

5. Human-Animal Bond

  This is most exciting of all, when you and your equine friend begin to understand each other. Pat Parelli said once “If your horse says “no”, you either asked the wrong question, or asked the question wrong.” Many equestrians use violence as a teaching method, with the result of creating a lot of trauma to the horse, and dominating it over fear. This is not our method! We have chosen a gentle way, where we communicate with horses, ask to do certain things and try to understand their mental and physical states, without ever stressing them. A work done on psychology, instead of brute force, which we enter the understanding of animal language. .

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