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Horseback Riding Naples is an equestrian tourism club based in the Vesuvius National Park. We do love showing people the Park’ wonders with our equine friends in very unforgattable adventures.
Not just a horseback riding tour, but a full tourism experience.
Our activities are pro nature, eco-sustainable, and exciting.


Furthermore, with us it is possible to take an American riding course and train your horse with the Natural Horsemanship.

Finally, if you wish, we also provide you our picnic area, restaurant and rooms for a full holiday in nature.

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Naples – Terzigno


Via Vicinale Lavarella 80040

Naples – Somma Vesuviana


Via Bosco Traversa II 15 80049

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We had our greatest memories from Naples while hourseback riding in Vesuvio National Park with Antonio and then a pizza course with the chef . Great pepole that make great vacation.

By Amir Sharvit

Monte Somma

Heartourism è un'organizzazione curata in ogni minimo dettaglio, senza mai deludere. Ho conosciuto Antonio l'anno scorso, quando il mio ragazzo mi regalò una passeggiata a cavallo, e da allora non l'abbiamo più mollato 🙂 è una persona super paziente, disponibile, che ama il proprio lavoro e questo lo si percepisce sempre. Una volta che conosci loro, non li abbandoni più !

By Chiara Calise


I had a wonderful stay in Naples and Heartourism gave me loads of practical tips and hints, as well as booking some terrific excursions. We took horses on a trek around the base of Vesuvius, which was an amazing experience and not something I even knew about beforehand. I couldn't recommend them enough - very friendly and full of Italian Charm; however they really show an interest in you and what you want from your holiday.

By Derek King

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