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Tourism experience: the new trend loved by travelers.

The way of thinking of travellers in the last three years is changing direction; more and more people choose small tour organizers to be able to try new and exciting experiences. With digitalization, the tourist user is much more informed and has much more choice. Small tour organizers offer tailor-made tourist experiences, and they untie the knots of the big tour operators, so focused on scheduled and too repetitive packages. The new tourism growing trends are experiences in the gastronomic, hiking and above all the low ecological impact fields. We as an equestrian club have opened the doors to various activities close to our field. Below we list some examples to give you a better idea.


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. (Mark Twain)

Food and wine tour: Italy is known for being a country of good taste, in fact the first cookbook (Liber de coquina) of the western world was written right here in Italy, in Naples, and the tasting experiences are getting more common. Farm tasting tours are the latest trend. More and more people are choosing to have wine tastings served with excellent local products. Even the local cheese tastings have had an exponential growth, but not only that, on the market there are more and more products such as mushrooms, salami or jam tastings. As an Equestrian Club Tour, we want to offer as much as possible to our guests, impressing them even with the flavour Vesuvius National Park.

Excursions: they are now a consolidated reality, people go on excursion to try new experiences and find something new about them self. In fact, the excursion is adventure itself, therefore exciting but also discovering about hide sides of ourselves that normally we do not notice or know. In particular, mountain trails by foot or riding on horseback are strongly increasing, thanks the development of a concept such as the return to nature. As a Vesuvius Equestrian Club, we invite our guests to explore more our national park, with our chief hikers, true ambassadors of our Park.

In short, visiting a new place is no longer enough, today we choose to try unforgettable experiences to tell over the years.



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