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Ranch in Naples

Somma Vesuviana

Our Dream Ranch

Our ranch in Somma Vesuviana is what we call our dream.
A property of 33 hectares located on hill of Monte Somma, with great Campania Plain view. We could nick name horse land because here our horses are free for most of the time, having lots of greenery and large meadows where the horses can move and eat. Our estate includes two training grounds for our students, one for training horses, club house, picnic area, paddock and boxes for horse partner.

Monte Somma

Monte Somma is part of the volcanic complex Mt. Somma Vesuvius, typical example of a fenced volcano. Monte Somma is the steep rim, with semi-circular shape surrounds the Vesuvius on the whole northern side. The ridge of Monte Somma is formed by jagged peaks called ny locals “Cognoli”, while its surface is covered by groove valleys locally called “Lagni”. Behind the Monte Somma there is the ancient caldera with the Great Cone and Giant Valley, which includes Hell Valley and Horse Atrium. The vegetation is particularly rich here.



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