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Vesuvio Ladyhawk

Vesuvio Ladyhawk

The experience that combines horses and hawks

Saturday and Sunday, we offer you a fantastic multi-experience in the Vesuvius National Park, two days in which you can experience:

  • Horseback riding
  • Experience with the hawk
  • Natural horsemanship, an introduction to horse body language
  • Photo as a good memory of your experience

In addition, in the end we serve you drink and a sandwich from our barbecue.

For those who wish to spend the night, you can bring with you a tent and wake up in the Vesuvian greenery the next day.

Note: the event has limited number accesses and only with reservations in order to avoid crowds.

The excursion will have an average duration of 45 min, in groups of max 6 people at a time, with two guides who will lead you along the entire path.

The experience with the falcon will take place in small groups of 5 people max, which you will be able to approach the falcon and understand some fundamental aspects. In addition, with the falconer’s glove that we will give you; you will be able to call the falcon and feed it.

Afterwards we will take a few moments of relaxation in the picnic air, with sandwich and drink.

Note: the mask use and social distancing are mandatory. We will take measures to avoid a spread contagion.

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