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Vesuvius Horseback Riding

Get on saddle for adventure?

The horse is moving poetry, is a wild soul conquering our hearts. Anyone who has ridden a horse in life can understand the deep meaning. Trying this experience full of emotions into the paths of an ancient volcano and boost our sensory receptors.

Our excursion takes place in the Vesuvius National Park: founded in 1995, is a large volcanic complex, also called Somma-Vesuvio, formed by Monte Somma, the ancient volcanic, and the Vesuvius, i.e. the great cone formed recently (2000 years ago) inside the ancient caldera.

Monte Somma is what remains of the ancient volcano, before the formation of Vesuvius, the current Cron Cono. From this side can be clearly see the old origin.

The excursion will cross:

  • Our private property – 33 hectares!
  • Panoramic hills with the whole Campania plain view!
  • Wooded areas, mainly of beech and chestnut trees.
  • Easy and wide open paths.

Inside our ranch there is a picnic area where you can spend the rest of the day, for more info contact us.

Note: the timetable is standard, but it can be changed for a longer and shorter time, with different stages and costs.

Please note: during the weekends we are all busy, so we may not reply your emails immediately, contact us on WhatsApp for quick answer +39-3773503061

  • Destination

  • Departure

    Somma Vesuviana, via Bosco traversa II
  • Departure Time

    Su prenotazione
  • Dress Code

    Abbigliamento comodo casual, preferibilmente che copra bene il corpo, soprattutto le gambe, scarpe da trekking o stivali.
  • Included

    Personal Guide
  • Not Included



The experience lasts one hour - 15 minutes briefing how to manage your animal friend and 45 minutes of riding.

Tour Location

Vesuvius National Park

It is a large volcanic complex called Somma-Vesuvius, which was founded in 1995: Monte Somma is an ancient volcanic mass, created by continued eruptive cycles over 25,000 years and Vesuvius is a live volcano located within the ancient caldera. The Vesuvius Gran Cone has origins during the various eruptions, and  which has been in the recent centuries the pressure valve of the volcano. In fact, historical testimonies tell us that the Grand Cone was not the only vent to exhale gas, to expel pyroclastic materials, magma or ashes, but the volcanic complex had more sources of release.
The great volcanic complex is a typical example of a fenced volcano: the Monte Somma is the steep rim surrounding Vesuvius on the whole northern side, while the south side is exposed to the land below. The ridge of Monte Somma is formed by jagged peaks called "Cognoli" by locals, while its surface is covered by groove valleys locally called "Lagni". The caldera diameter is 15 km and includes the Great Cone and Giant Valley splitted in the Hell Valley and Horse Atrium. The vegetation is particularly rich here and indigenous species are sheltered by the two mountainous structures.

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